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Become a Better Salesperson by Changing Your View on Sales Techniques

If You're Looking For Fancy Sales Techniques, You've Come to The Wrong Place

At Lushin, we believe that there's more to effective sales than fancy sales techniques. Sure, knowing how to sell is important - but truly believing in the methods you're using is the only way you're going to be truly successful.

Sales Techniques Are Only Part of the Equation for Sales Success

There are more aspects of sales training than just the sales prospecting techniques (though those are important too!). Recognizing which beliefs about sales techniques are standing in your way is one of the first steps to improving your approach when it comes to sales.

In this video, our sales trainer Paul Lushin discusses how your mentality and your belief in the sales techniques you have chosen can help you to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back and focus on closing the deal with your prospect.

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Curious about what sales beliefs might be hindering your team? Learn about some of the common culprits here.

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Are You Confrontational or Carefrontational When Selling?

You get more bees with honey and it is no different in sales. A carefrontational approach will be more productive than a confrontational approach. Watch now as sales trainer Paul Lushin shows you how in this video.

Grow Your Business with Your Current Clients

One of the fastest ways to grow revenue is not by bringing in new business but growing the business you get from current clients. See how a simple change in attitude can impact your bottom line.

Using Good Decisions To Close The Sale

Closing a sale is not always about getting a “yes” from your prospect as quickly as possible. Read this post to learn a more effective approach.

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