Why Wouldn't You Be Doing This?

I saw this online today:

“The greatest asset that any company possesses is the untapped potential of the sales force.”

It has always been a little irritating to me when people have turned down meeting with me about their sales team. I have never understood why a CEO wouldn't take the time to at least learn what the potential of their sales team might be. They say things like:

“We are already busy.”

“We don’t need help.”

“We are trying out ‘x’ first to see if it will work.”

“We can’t afford to do anything right now.”

Really? Let’s assume that what I do works. It works so well that people try and figure out how to do more of it once they start. They normally don’t leave or fire me as a client unless there are some very special circumstances. Their growth with me engaged has outpaced anything that they have ever done in the life of their business thus far. So why would anyone pass up the chance to tap their greatest asset?

It’s about perceived risk. People have spent money on so many things that haven’t worked out for them in the past that they’re afraid hiring me could be another mistake. 

But where is the perceived risk?

My clients have success because:

  • They have aligned the sales strategy with their business goals.
  • Everyone on the team knows exactly what their role in the sales strategy is.
  • Sales team members that can never be successful at sales have been removed from the team.
  • Top performing sales people are now on the team and on-boarded quickly—so quickly that they find themselves in the upper 25% of the group within the first year.
  • Everyone is following the same sales process.
  • Management is coaching the team for most of their time because the team hold themselves accountable in their roles.
  • Selling is effective, so it is now predictable.
  • When something does not work, everyone knows how to fix it to make it work.
  • Everyone in the company wants to sell now because the sales team is a model for human relations and effective communication.
  • Growth has happened at a greater rate than ever before.
  • The company knows how to grow intentionally and can plan further than 1 year.
  • Morale is high because revenue comes in as it is supposed to.
  • The company can hire better people for operations because margins and revenue are higher than ever—not to mention the revenue and clients needed to support those people.

So where is the risk? How could someone not afford that? How could someone be happy with current growth today? Why would you try anything else out to see if it works—why not just start with what does work? 

I know that things are working well for most companies right now. But isn’t the right thing to do to find out how to build a team of overachievers? Fill out the Contact Brian page, let’s do an evaluation of the team to see the value of the untapped potential.

Or maybe you are just afraid to find out?
Brian Kavicky

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