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What Would It Take...

What Would It Take...

What would it take...

  • To grow the business by 25%?
  • To control the business versus it controlling you?
  • To regain balance and freedom from your calendar?
  • To hold tight on margins and avoid discounting?
  • To create a repeatable and predictable pattern of revenue?

It starts by wanting it. And by wanting it I mean a FIRE inside your belly. Not a hope, wish, or dream but a burning desire of being intentional. Sadly many people say they “hope to accomplish X.” Sorry, this is weak and you are better than that. If you are a leader of an organization and accepting people’s hopes and wishes, the first step is to change this pattern.

Once you want it, are you committed to doing everything in your power to get it? Committed to stretching out of your comfort zone? Committed to making mistakes and learning from them? Committed to being open-minded and surrounding yourself with people who can get you to think and act differently?

Once these critical elements of success are solid, it translates into the 4 "S"s that drive revenue:

  1. Structure - Does your organizational structure and processes support a high performing sales team or is everyone flying by the seats of their pants?
  2. Strategy - Is everyone clear on the business strategy, what it will take to accomplish the strategy, and why following the strategy is so important?
  3. Staff - Do you have the right people to do what it takes or are you stuck with a team who is not willing and able to adapt to a new way of being?
  4. Skills - Do your people have the skillsets it takes to be successful? Do they have 10 years of experience or one year of experience 10 years in a row?

The toughest part is getting started but from there the momentum will build. Are you ready to do what it takes to get to where you want to go?

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