Myth: "I Can't Afford Lushin"

If you gave someone $1, and in exchange they gave you $3 back, would you repeat the process? Of course you would.

After repeating the $1 for $3, might you then up the game and make it a $10 swap for $30? Easy decision, right?

Obviously, after a sustained pattern of exchange, most would argue that you should continue and probably consider investing more. If, on the other hand, you gave someone $3 and they only returned $1, then you would cease the lopsided game of exchange.

When considering working with Lushin, we owe it to each prospective client to have a conversation to determine if there can be at least a 3:1 exchange over time.

Back to the myth, “I can’t afford Lushin!”

The honest answer is, maybe you can’t. Maybe the 3:1 exchange can’t materialize for you or your enterprise. In that case, Lushin would become an expense rather than an investment. At Lushin, we only enter into relationships where all parties are in agreement that an engagement with Lushin will yield a “return on their training investment dollars.”

Here is the big question: How will you ever know if you or your company can get a return on your training investment dollars if you don’t ask?

Paul Lushin

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