Is Your Company’s Growth Intentional, or Just Lucky?

I was recently speaking with a prospective client about where their business is currently and where they want it to be in the next two to three years.

During the conversation, they were painting the picture for me of how they had grown the business from nothing seven years ago into a thriving, multi-million dollar a year business. As the conversation went on, I was seeing more and more how the growth had happened because they reacted to opportunities that had fallen into their lap, or they pursued short-term growth plans and tactics that delivered some quick hits but never seemed to translate into long-term, sustained growth for the company.

They talked about how they were frustrated with the up-and-down revenue and the starts and stops over the last seven years. They mentioned that they knew they would not be able to reach the next level and hit their growth goals if things continued like this. They kept saying how they had been lucky by winging it so far, but they realized and knew they needed to put pieces in place so they could intentionally grow to the size and revenue of company that they desired.

Is your company’s growth intentional, or are you just lucky?

If you're “lucky” or “winging it,” you're reacting to things that happen around you, and you're probably seeing up-and-down results. You can’t tell someone the goals you have, the process you follow, and the KPI’s to track for success to ensure you reach their growth goals. You take a buckshot approach when it comes to growing sales with your business. Sure, you see some growth in your business. But you're missing a lot more than you should.

If you're intentional, you have a clear focus on your goals and your target prospects and ideal clients. You know who you are going after and why. You have systems, processes, behaviors, and tools in place that you work on daily to get to your goals. You measure the results along the way on a regular basis and adjust as needed. You routinely hit your goals, and then you raise the bar to get to the next level.

Take a look at your business and your growth plans to see if you are being intentional or if you’re just winging it. Put the right goals, systems, processes, and behaviors in place to help you consistently reach your growth goals and get to that next level.

Shad Tidler

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