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Leadership Advice: "Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable"

Best Piece of Advice: "Get comfortable being uncomfortable."

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Those are the words I heard from Paul Lushin in my first few weeks working at Lushin, Inc.

I was complaining to Paul about how I had screwed up the latest sales deal I was working on and how hard it was to just close one small piece of business at that time. Compounding this was my fear that I didn’t know how I would make enough commission to pay my rent, pay for my car loan, food for the month, bills, etc. All Paul looked at me and said was “get comfortable being uncomfortable”. I barely grasped what it meant at the time.

He went on to explain that without uncomfortableness and “pain” in our daily life, we aren't growing and expanding to be our best. When we’re in a “comfort zone”, we get stuck and stay stuck. It takes us being uncomfortable, doing the things we don’t want to or others are not willing to do, and going into our fears to truly grow and reach our maximum potential. I’ve heard this phrase said by a hundred other people since then, but the way Paul put it that day has always stuck with me. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t do something uncomfortable and remember his words of advice.

What are you doing each day to get uncomfortable and grow?

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