Best Piece of Advice: "Be careful who you surround yourself with."

Many of us have heard this advice before and there is nothing fancy about it. It isn’t revolutionary or complicated, however, it works for both our personal AND professional lives.

“Be careful who you surround yourself with.”

Think about how simple and effective this advice is. It was once said, “you are the average of your five closest friends.” Want to raise your average … guess what you can do about it? In the surface level society we live in today, (i.e. “Look, I have 1,000 Facebook friends but not a single one would pick me up at 2:00 AM if I had a flat tire."), are you surrounding yourself with friends who truly have the same values? Friends who compliment success instead of degrading it out of jealousy?

On the professional level, I admire and seek those who are outpacing me. If I become the strongest of my “professional” friends, I plateau. There is always someone smarter than you or me and, frankly, I want to be in their circle. That circle challenges us, helps us realize what is possible, and helps make life easier.

Whether it is business or pleasure, ask yourself: Are you surrounded by people who are igniting you and helping your life be everything it can be? If not, what payoff are you gaining by surrounding yourself with others who hold you back?

My parents instilled this in me at a young age and I have passed it down to my kids. Like me, they will most likely have to learn the hard way, make mistakes along the way, and then ultimately find the personal and professional relationships that allow them to make an impact in this world.

Aaron Prickel

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