Aaron Prickel

How to Get Sales Referrals

In this video, our sales trainer Aaron Prickel discusses some ways your team can get better and more qualified sales referrals.

Are You Confrontational or Carefrontational When Selling?

You get more bees with honey and it is no different in sales. A carefrontational approach will be more productive than a confrontational approach. Watch now as sales trainer Paul Lushin shows you how in this video.

Sales Coaching Tips: Techniques to Improve Your Sales Team [Video]

In this video, expert sales trainer Brian Kavicky discusses effective sales coaching tips & shows 3 approaches managers can take to coach salespeople to be self-sufficient & see long term success. Watch now!

Lushin Sales Process Consultant Explains Identity vs. Role

Lushin sales process consultant Emily Shaw explains the difference between a salesperson’s identity and role. Learn more about why and how salespeople often struggle to know and manage the distinction.

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