Rob Lime | Wed, Dec 20, 2017

How Being Nurturing Can Impact Sales

We believe it is best to offer solutions to the issues that cause our prospects the most pain in their professional – and personal – lives. But to do this we are asking uncomfortable questions and requiring our prospects to become emotionally involved. In this video, sales consultant Rob Lime talks about how developing the skills to be nurturing during these conversations can lead to more positive outcomes.


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How to Not be a "Salesperson"

In this video, sales consultant Emily Shaw explains how you can set yourself apart from other salespeople by placing your focus on your client or prospect throughout the sales process and having the goal of meeting their needs.

The Goal is a Decision - Not a Yes

A great salesperson is good at getting prospects to make a decision at the end of a conversation. In this video post, sales consultant Aaron Prickel explains why getting a prospect to make a decision - not the final decision - should be the ultimate goal.

Using Pain and Emotion to Positively Affect Sales Outcomes

Sales consultant Shad Tidler explains why people have difficulty discussing pain and its personal impact on them - and why it is important to overcome that - in this video.

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