Brian Kavicky

Can You Fix It?

When a prospective client’s problem has a significant impact on their business, they won’t care how you can fix their problem – only that you are able to fix their problem. In this video, sales trainer Brian Kavicky discusses why it is better to approach the sales process in a way that conveys your expertise instead of your features and benefits.

Understanding The Pain Funnel: Getting To A Prospect’s Pain

Sales trainer Shad Tidler discusses the Sandler Pain Funnel and explains why understanding sales pain and your prospect's true problem is the key to helping your clients.

Using the Sandler Pain Funnel to Understand Prospect Pain

The Sandler Pain Funnel delves into a prospect’s pain to truly understand the problem. This can help you develop a solution that will make an impact, & ultimately help make a sale. Learn more about the Sandler Pain Funnel!

Handling Sales Objections: How to Respond When a Prospect Disagrees

Get expert tips for how to handle sales objections. Learn what to do & how to successfully move forward with a pitch even if a prospect's beliefs don't align with yours.

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