How Well Do You Understand Your Sales Force?

As the leader of your company, you wear many hats and have many questions and challenges keeping you up at night. Two of the biggest questions I hear from company leaders are: Do I really understand my sales force? And Can my sales force evolve as the market evolves?

These questions usually surface due to a few challenges that company leaders notice when it comes to sales.

  • They can't accurately predict future revenue for the company.
  • They're not sure how many qualified opportunities they have coming down the pipeline.
  • They don't understand the individual motivations of their team members, and why some exceed goals while others seem stuck in comfort zones.
  • They see a lack of accountability for their sales team, leading to in inconsistent results.
  • Their people seem to be doing their “own thing” when it comes to sales, and there doesn’t seem to be any alignment across the team.
  • They don’t have a way to measure the effectiveness of their sales team and look for areas to improve.

The effects from these are usually up-and-down sales revenue results for the company and being unable to consistently meet company sales goals. This typically leaves the company leader not knowing what to do, or confused as to what steps to take to fix these challenges before it becomes too late.

The first step is to establish where your sales force is currently. Then set goals around where you want your sales force to be, and a time frame for achieving them

As the leader of your organization, you know how to grade and make improvements for your operations and office teams. But when is the last time you graded your sales team?

Want a fresh perspective on what grade your sales team would receive? Click the image below to find out.

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