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Leadership Golden Rule: Don't Be A Hypocrite

Don't Be a Hypocrite

Time for a tough conversation….one many people don’t like to have. Think of it this way - you just finished venting to others about how a prospect backed out of a commitment. They “gave you their word” and you thought everything was good, then a complete 180. You shared with your colleagues how it is unprofessional and rude, and it upset you to be taken by surprise. Fast forward two weeks, you gave someone in your office a commitment to do something, told a friend you would be there for him and then you back out. Were you a hypocrite?

It amazes me when I hear people say, “My people need to stretch their comfort zones,” yet they don’t stretch their own. “I can’t believe this prospect was so price sensitive” yet they turn around the next weekend and shop on price themselves. The list of examples is endless.

Why does the average person fall into the hypocritical trap so easily? For starters, we all know it is easier to “say” versus “do”. Many people don’t realize the level of guts and commitment it takes. It’s like playing with house money in Vegas - when it isn’t yours, the stakes aren’t as high.

Where are you playing hypocrite in your life? Are you mentoring your children to be nice to everyone yet when someone cuts you off in traffic you scream at the top of your lungs? Are you trying to help a colleague or friend through a tough time and tell them they need to put their fears to the side yet you are fearful yourself?

Many people have or give solid advice to others, yet they don’t take their own advice.

What could be different in your life if you follow your own advice? What would be different if you avoid the hypocrite trap?

The answers may surprise you. But there is only one way to find out ...

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