How To Interrupt Sales Prospect Patterns For Different Responses [Tips for Sales Calls Video]

How To Be Treated Differently on Sales Calls

Often traditional sales professionals start to look and sound alike, causing prospects to automatically respond with a set of pre-scripted answers that are not helpful to your sales process. In this video, our sales trainer Aaron Prickel discusses how you can interrupt your prospect’s traditional patterns while on a sales call in order to be treated differently.

Tips for Sales Calls: How to Set Yourself Apart

If your prospects or current clients feel you don’t fit the “mold” of a sales person, that’s GREAT! Having a yes man is fine at times but when you take the time to find out what your client is looking for, why they are looking for it, and what their pain points are, you are one step ahead of the competition when it comes to truly helping a client to solve the issues they have - and to making the sale! The client will treat you differently and that’s because you interrupted their patterns and obtained the details you needed to make a sale you'll both feel good about.

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