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Tips for Cold Calling: How to Get A Meeting with a Potential Client [Video]

#1 Tip for Cold Calling

When making a prospecting call the goal is simple: to get a meeting. In this video, our sales trainer Rob Lime discusses how trying to accomplish too much in a cold call can provide a prospect with opportunities to disqualify you. He outlines what you should focus on instead to give your prospect a clear reason to meet with you.

Do you feel that the hardest part is just getting that meeting and once you get that meeting, you have great confidence that you will close the sale? Here at Lushin we understand the struggles for cold calling. They are not fun but are necessary. Don't skip over the cold calling tips - get over that hump, make the calls, do them early, you'll be happy you did.

We know that cold calling sucks. Check out our 10 Tips for Using Cold Calls to Increase Sales. Connect with a Lushin Sales Coach to discuss increasing your sales and decreasing your struggle.

Understanding The Pain Funnel: Getting To A Prospect’s Pain

Sales trainer Shad Tidler discusses the Sandler Pain Funnel and explains why understanding sales pain and your prospect's true problem is the key to helping your clients.

Using the Sandler Pain Funnel to Understand Prospect Pain

The Sandler Pain Funnel delves into a prospect’s pain to truly understand the problem. This can help you develop a solution that will make an impact, & ultimately help make a sale. Learn more about the Sandler Pain Funnel!

Handling Sales Objections: How to Respond When a Prospect Disagrees

Get expert tips for how to handle sales objections. Learn what to do & how to successfully move forward with a pitch even if a prospect's beliefs don't align with yours.

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