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Rob Lime | Mon, Sep 18, 2017

Get That Meeting

When making a prospecting call the goal is simple: to get a meeting. In this video, our sales trainer Rob Lime discusses how trying to accomplish too much in a cold call can provide a prospect with opportunities to disqualify you. He outlines what you should focus on instead to give your prospect a clear reason to meet with you.

"Let Me Think It Over"?

In this video, our sales trainer Aaron Prickel discusses what it means when your prospect says, "Let me think it over."

When You Hear a Sales Objection, What Should You Be Thinking?

In this video, our sales trainer Brian Kavicky discusses what you should be thinking when you encounter a sales objection.

Changing Beliefs on Sales Techniques

In this video, our sales trainer Paul Lushin discusses why you should change your beliefs about sales techniques.

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