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Paul Lushin | Fri, Mar 30, 2018

Calling "Time Out" in Basketball - and in Sales

Watching college hoops during March Madness is an adrenaline rush for all that love sports, basketball or just a good contest by opposing forces. The other day I was watching Purdue get throttled by Texas Tech when my son, who is not athletically inclined nor has interest in anything involving a ball, started yelling, "Call timeout ! Call timeout !" I did a double-take and, after a timeout was called, I asked my son, “What's up with you yelling, ‘Call timeout !’? I didn’t think you even liked basketball!” He said that he could take or leave basketball but the reason why he was yelling for a timeout was that the pace was getting out of hand for Purdue. He said that Purdue needed to slow the game down and reframe their heads. Wow, my 16-year-old son said that?  (This is the son that can drive the wheels off a race car but throws a baseball like a newborn baby calf.) 

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