2020 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Lushin


  • We are:
    • Looking for a sales manager
    • Figuring out who we should train and who we should fire
    • Evaluating CRMs
    • Figuring out our sales process


Should we wait until that is done to begin working with you?


Why in the world would you wait to work with us while engaged in one of the most critical sales decisions that your company will make?


  • Hired sales managers will fail 80% of the time when hired without outside expertise.
  • Most companies end up firing their best sales people and keeping their worst when faced with the decision.
  • 70% of sales people hate the CRM they are using. Only 5% live in that CRM and use it productively.
  • Nearly all of the sales processes we evaluate are completely unused by the sales people or when used, result in very low win rates.


In other words, just getting help on these decisions alone can prevent you from making your next mistake.  For each one of these scenarios, the costs of a bad decision are likely worth multiples of times what the cost of us answering the question for you would be.


The reality is there is no bad time to begin working with Lushin, but the worst time is right after you have made one of these decisions.


  • How do we know whether what you do will work in our industry?


The reason that this question is normally asked is because most companies hire sales people from their industry because they believe that industry experience matters in sales people.  If it matters in sales people, it must certainly matter with consultants and trainers.


Sales people who go through our training learn to sell without industry knowledge and later, how to use technical knowledge in a productive way.  They learn how to engage the human being, have a non-technical conversation about real problems and the effects of those problems, and find the path to getting the sale done vs just demonstrating technical competency. This might be hard to swallow for those that have relied on industry experience to get a sale, but our non-technical, but sales-trained people, will always outperform the technical expert.


So yes, if human beings are still involved in buying decisions in your industry, Lushin will be able to improve your sales results.


  • We heard you are “Expensive and Difficult” years ago. How do we know if we can afford you?


First, the cost of doing business with us has NEVER been a reason that someone did not engage us.  We work will all sizes of business in various stages of their lives and we always figure out a way to make things financially work.


Second, really making sure that there is a clear path to a return on investment in our fees is part of the buying process at Lushin.  We will not take a client on where there is not a minimum of an 8:1 ratio for return on investment.  Most of our clients see more than that return within the first year of working with us.


  • How are you training today with COVID? How do you train a remote workforce?


We have been working with remote sales forces for many years.  Our combination of in-person training, a virtual classroom, online reinforcement and ways to develop practical experience through practice, allow us to work across different time zones and geography.


With COVID, it took us less than 24 hours to adjust our training to meet our client needs, with no negative effect on our training plans.  Since we have done virtual training for more than five years, we know how to keep your people engaged and productive in training sessions.


  • Can you recommend a sales person that we should hire?


We get this question from non-clients who want to hire away from our clients.  So the simple answer is no, we do not offer assistance in stealing people from clients who are paying us to companies that are not!


However, if you would like to become a client, we can help you find, identify, screen, interview, and hire stellar sales people who will perform in the top 10% of your sales team. 


We hope this has helped answer some of those burning questions as to why you haven't bought Lushin yet. We look forward to unraveling more of your questions and earning your business in the near future!


Brian Kavicky

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