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Top 5 Ways Your Salespeople Are Wasting Their Time

If you are a leader of your sales team, how often do you hear: “I wish I had more time to prospect, more time to run sales calls, more time to keep up with CRM/reporting etc etc.  Sales (like many professions) is a game of time efficiency. The better one can effectively manage their time, the better results they obtain. Sounds easy, right?

For some top producers, they have figured out the game. For others who are average or good, they typically fall into several of these common time waster traps. How many do you see within your team?

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3 Takeaways From This Whitepaper

Key rule: never make a move unless you know what is happening next (and following up is not the “next”)
Key rule: the harder a sales rep pushes for a yes, the more positive lies they get in return.
Key rule: Clarity brings energy, energy brings momemtum, momentum brings results.

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