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Element Three Client Testimonial

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Element Three is a full service marketing agency that is both recognized for the company's success as well as the success of its individuals. Listen to the testimonial of their CEO, Tiffany Sauder, as she gives her testimony on how with the help of Lushin's Brian Kavicky she gained a new sense of ownership that helped move her company forward even when she could not be there.  

Tiffany and Element Three fully embraced the process that was given to them and because of that they were able to reach their goal of becoming a 1 million dollar business within 1 year.  Element Three has since been listed year over year as one of the fastest growing agencies in Indianapolis as well as being featured on the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies for the last 6 years. They understood reaching their first milestone was not the final destination, but only a checkpoint along their journey of success. 

Watch and learn how Lushin's Brian Kavicky helped Element Three become the company they are today.

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