Sandler Virtual Training Series

Building for Success in 2021

This Sandler Virtual Training series is being offered by Lushin and will be hosted by Matt Rister in conjunction with Trane Learning Resources.

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This virtual training series offers you a deeper dive into the Sandler Methodology around building a consistent, repeatable sales process and methodology to effectively recruit new dealers as well as gain real commitments in increasing revenue penetration with your existing accounts.

The one thing we know is 2020 has brought uncertain times. As we continue to move through 2020 and into 2021, our only expectation would be for more uncertain times. But what cannot exist is uncertain results. It is our responsibility to control the things we control and do the necessary things to drive success in 2021. By attending this training series, you will be giving them tools to be able to:

  • identify...
  • Differentiate...
  • Practice...
  • Utilize...
  • Implement...

Virtual Series Details

Virtual Session Schedule:
Bi-monthly beginning Friday, Sept 11

Time: 10:00-11:30 CST through the end of the year

Price: $750 (one-time credit card payment) or $250/month for October, November and December.

Audience: Account Managers and Territory Managers with Trane/AS DSOs and IWDs.

Participation Expectations: Each session will be highly interactive and will require participants to be on camera and participate in class discussions and breakouts.




Join Matt Rister of Lushin for BUILDING FOR SUCCESS IN 2021 

Take this time to invest in being proactive for yourself, your team, and your customers.

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