Sales Hiring in Today's Marketplace

Sales Hiring in Today's Marketplace

Do you ...

  • Struggle finding new sales people who CAN sell and WILL sell for you?
  • Have trouble validating if new sales people truly have the skills and strengths needed to sell in your industry?
  • Find that new sales people look good on paper and sound good when interviewing but don’t match up once they start working for you?
  • Wonder what you need to do differently once a new sales person starts to get them ramped up quicker?

If any of this sounds familiar, join sales consultant Shad Tidler and learn how to …

  • Attract the sales people you want to interview.
  • Truly evaluate and confirm new sales people’s skills and strengths before you hire them.
  • Make sure that new sales people CAN and WILL sell for you in your company’s environment.
  • Ramp up new sales people faster so that they begin producing quicker.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Time: 8:30 A.M. - 10:30 A.M.

Location: Lushin, Inc. (5655 Castle Creek Pkwy N Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46250) 


Shad Tidler, Sales Consultant - Lushin, Inc. Shad Tidler has had a diverse career, having worked in sales, business development, market strategy, rate negotiation and pricing management, contract negotiation, and operations in the supply chain industry in the US and Asia. Since joining Lushin, Inc, as a sales consultant, Shad has help business owners and sales teams fight through the challenges of managing and growing a strong sales pipeline by focusing on their mindset, techniques, and behaviors in order to build a high growth sales organization.