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Sales Management Training Associate

Job Description

Lushin Inc, an Indianapolis-based Sales and Sales Management consulting group, is looking for an accomplished sales and sales management training associate to facilitate and deliver training to a wide-ranging client base spanning a national footprint.

Candidates must possess a vast dynamic and practical working knowledge of sales or sales management and have a burning desire to learn more about how Businesses work and grow. They need to have a track record of a successful well-documented career in sales or sales management and have a knack to compel people to take action.

We are looking for a trainer who has experience selling products and services to clients where they had to sell or manage from an underdog position, not hide behind the brand and demonstrate a high level of resiliency.

Job Requirements

Furthermore, candidates must have successfully managed a sales team or sold from a position requiring cold-calling prospects in a highly competitive industry. Finding a prospect’s compelling reason to buy was paramount to success.

Training Associate applicants must be able to:


  • Command a room comprised of various personalities and temperaments ranging from highly invested training participants to those with solid egos and characters that would show off their training knowledge instead of applying new concepts and better methods to sell or manage.
  • Must be able to role-play our proprietary concepts in front of large audiences with confidence and poise. Additionally, a Training Associate must “think fast on their feet!”
  • Be structured to avoid “winging it” on stage.
  • Project a strong and personal presence when engaged with clients on and off the training platform; in other words, “command the room!”
  • Must have a captivating personality that comes alive not only on the training platform but also in different business situations.

 Candidates with the following experience should apply:

 Sales Management—Sales Representative—Corporate Trainer—Trainer—Sales Director—Sales Trainer—Training and Development Specialist—Certified Trainer—Sales Manager—Recruiter—Corporate Recruiter—Account Executive


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