What the UFC’s “Fight Island” Can Teach Salespeople and Entrepreneurs About Success

I did something strange on Sunday, July 13th. I sent ESPN+ & the UFC $65 for the previous night’s pay-per-view fight card.  I’ve never done that before. I am not opposed to paying for premium content and I like mixed martial arts. But my want/need for a pay-per-view event the weekend it aired never passed the critical mass need for me to reach for my wallet. 

Saturday, the 13th was different. I did. But why? Credit Dana White and the UFC. But what can the rest of us learn from Dana White getting into my wallet? 

Companies who decide to succeed - do 

The evidence seems to suggest that a small segment of industry vertices have been devastated by the economic fallout relating to the global pandemic, but that the ripples go too far.


The fight card on July 13th was inarguably the best of the year: there were three title fights. Three. The best night of fights all year long - in the middle of a global pandemic. Live on TV. How the hell did Dana White and the UFC pull that off? 


First - they decided they could. The rest was easy. 

It doesn’t have to be pretty - just get it done 

Professional sports are weird right now. That’s the word - weird. They’re imperfect. Take Fight Island on July 13th - no Joe Rogan, no Daniel Cormier (the sport’s two best announcers). 


I paid anyway. 


No crowd and strange post-fight interviews. 


I paid anyway. 


Why? Because Dana White put together a great fight card. I got to see two of my favorite fighters and several great fights. It wasn’t perfect, but it was worth it. 

Decide what will happen first - then make it happen 

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