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Professional Development Must Read: Creativity, Inc.

READ: Creativity, Inc.

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Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull

For many businesses the creative spark is essential, whether applied to product development, used to build passion for the job, or employed to keep pushing us toward a better version of our business, and ourselves. Ed Catmull and his team at Pixar built what is arguably one of the most successful - and loved - creative companies, while at the same time making unprecedented advances in their industry. While creativity can be easy when you have just a handful of employees, it is difficult to scale as your company grows. Creativity, Inc. shares the lessons that Pixar learned, through successes and failures, to stimulate a creative workplace that nurtures not only its products but also its people. The lessons shared in this book can be applied to any business in any industry by any employee and often mirror what we coach at Lushin. If you want to learn more about hiring the best people and managing them to be creative problem solvers - while getting a glimpse at the magic that is the making of a Pixar movie - I recommend this book.

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