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Employee Development and Training Opportunities You May Be Missing

Employee Development and Training Opportunities You May Be Missing

Five Areas for Additional Employee Development and Training

Managers and leaders often come to us to provide sales training for their salespeople. But sales training is only part of what we do. In most organizations, there are hidden pockets of revenue scattered throughout the company that can be realized if people are trained, developed, and given the techniques to capture it. Here are five opportunities that managers often overlook when it comes to sales training and development - yet contain huge potential for the organization to find and close additional business.


Many organizations believe they can send their people to get “help” and the culture and business problems will change. Unfortunately, for a true culture shift to happen, it needs to start at the top. When an organization has strong shepherds, they have stronger sheep. How strong are the leaders at building trust? Are they effective at wearing the four different hats of leadership and know the appropriate times to wear them? Like everyone, leaders of organizations have a myriad of tasks and responsibilities to deal with on a daily basis – but these tasks and responsibilities have a greater impact on the organization as a whole.


These men and women often spend more time with clients than the actual account managers or sales professionals themselves. Yes, a project manager’s role is to literally manage a project but where do their relationship management skills and beliefs stand? Project managers often have “guru” status within accounts because they hold the keys to the kingdom and are subject matter experts. But what happens when an issue arises? How strong are they at setting and managing expectations? Are they able to plant the seeds for other ways the organization can help? Are they an extension of the sales organization or do they limit growth?


When there is a problem, there is one group we always rely on. These men and women are phenomenal at what they do but they are also interacting with both positive and negative people every single day. Are they truly creating the experience you would like your customers to have with your organization? How are they handling difficult conversations? Do they shy away from conflict, which causes additional challenges down the road? When a customer calls in, are they able to identify other ways the organization can help or are they merely looking at the surface-level problem? In many organizations, customer service can be a revenue generator because people in this role want to help customers.


These are the men and women people love because they literally fix and solve the problem. Credibility is VERY high within this group and oftentimes clients will share a TON of info with them because they feel safe and like they won’t be “sold” to. Technicians have a bird’s eye view of how systems/machines/etc. are working and can physically see other areas that need your help. How strong are they at upselling or cross selling products and services? Do they know how to gain internal referrals? Are they setting the stage for other ways the organization can help the customer? Or do they simply make their fix and leave?


Whether a call center is handling incoming calls from potential clients, calls from clients who are looking to schedule, or they are calling out to see what work is available, this is a key role. Traditionally more of a transactional role, what experience does your call center provide? Are they able to quickly navigate people who are just shopping them? Do they understand the "real" questions people are asking when they call in? Are they able to upsell and cross sell to create a better experience for the customer? Or are they simply taking information and scheduling?

A true customer-oriented organization knows anyone who touches a potential customer or client is representing the company. When the above areas are all in-sync, your clients have a better experience and will keep coming back for more.

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